Friday, October 31, 2008

Louise and Chew-Mee Moore Busted At The Chicago AC/DC Show !

Louise Monkey was arrested along with her body guard Chew-Mee Moore and deported to Mexico,after they were caught on a stolen train.Their plan was to steal a train,then fill it with 5 Tons of Cystal Meth dyed black called "Black Ice" and 200 million hits of Esctasy.And ram the run away train in to the AC/DC show at the Allstate Arena.They wanted to get everybody so wasted this weekend,that they would all forget to vote on November 4th.Therefore both of them would then cast 2 votes for themselves and become the first Sock Monkey President of the United States of America.(Least she would be smarter than G.W.Bush or McSame McCain.)And Chew-Me would become the first Ladyboy Eel Dancer VP.(And she is way smarter than Sarah Palin,hell even a rock is smarter than Sarah!) But they ended up arrested then deported to a jail in Naco,Sonora Mexico instead.Chew-Mee was able to escape,but Louise is still there waiting for someone to come and help break her out so she can rejoin the tour and PAR-TAY!